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Biocidal products

Biocidal products

The National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) issues certificates concerning the efficacy of biocidal products on the basis of the Act of 30 April 2010 concerning research institutes and Act of 9 October 2015 concerning biocidal products.

Certificates concerning the efficacy of a biocidal product are issued on request of the responsible entity (manufacturer or distributor) in order to:

  • obtain marketing authorisation for the biocidal product,
  • introduce a change in the marketing authorisation of the biocidal product.

The list of necessary documentation for issuing a certificate concerning the efficacy of
a biocidal product:

  • completed application form,
  • updated product safety data sheet (if applicable) or description of the sample and its basic physico-chemical characteristics (eg. colour, pH, percentage concentration, density and other depending on the form of use of the product),
  • additional labelling indicating warnings and precautions (if applicable),
  • first kid information (for all routes of exposure),
  • biological risk indication (additional requirements, if applicable),
  • handling of packaging and disposal of the product packaging,
  • manner of safe disposal of the product.

The application must be accompanied by the product in an amount sufficient for testing.

Application Form (download)

If it is necessary for NVRI to prepare a non-standardised methodology for evaluation of the efficacy of a biocidal product, the description of the test method agreed with NVRI should be included in the documentation:

  • the purpose of the method, the range of products for which the method is applicable: categories, product groups, and their form of use,
  • description of the test procedure:
    • characteristics of the target organism (eg. name, gender, developmental stage; if it is not possible to use the target organism for tests, equal or lower sensitivity of the test organism should be proved,
    • details of the test performance:
  • acclimatisation conditions of target organisms (if applicable),
  • doses and manner of use of the product,
  • environmental conditions for performing the experiment: temperature, humidity, and other factors relevant to the use of the product (they must correspond to the practical conditions of the use of the biocidal product),
  • number of repetitions,
  • control and reference products (if used),
  • exposure time of tested organisms (if applicable),
  • the exact test procedure,
  • the results of the validation of the procedure.


NVRI issues certificates within 60 days from the date of receipt of a complete application form together with the sample for testing (if applicable). In case of the need to complete the documentation or to send additional samples, the deadline is calculated from the date of completing the documentation or receipt of samples.


Fees are as published in the current NVRI price list. They include the performance of tests and the issuing of certificates:


Contact persons:

Agnieszka Nadzieja, phone number:  +48 81 889 3140

Arleta Brodnicka, phone number:       +48 81 889 3140

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