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In vitro diagnostic

In vitro diagnostic product used in veterinary medicine (according to the act of 11 March 2004 on the protection of animal health and control of animal infectious diseases) is a product intended exclusively for the use in veterinary medicine (for tests performed for the needs of Veterinary Inspection), which is:

  • an in vitrodiagnostic test used in the diagnosis of the animal infectious diseases, including zoonoses, and residues of prohibited substances as well as biological impurities in animal tissues and animal products - these are tests / reagents intended to be used strictly in veterinary medicine, e.g:
    • ready-made diagnostic kits / tests for detection of infections in animals and detection of residual substances in animal tissues or products;
    • reagents having a direct impact on the test result, e.g. pepsin, rabies diagnosis conjugate, anti-Brucella serum, etc.;
    • culture media for microbiology, antibiotic standards, reference strains, reagents for biochemical identification and other additional reagents, etc. – they are not subject to be entered in the List,
  • a vacuum container for the samples or other container intended by the manufacturer for the direct storage and preservation of animal samples for in vitrodiagnostic tests, e.g.:
    • needle-syringe,
    • sets for sampling of the brainstem for the BSE tests,
    • others intended for the use strictly in veterinary medicine,
    • containers for sampling, cotton swabs, pipette tips, Eppendorf tubes, etc. - if they are a medical device - they are not subject to be entered in the List established by Chief Veterinary Officer ,
  • general laboratory equipment, if due to its properties it is specially designed by the manufacturer for in vitro diagnostic tests - special-purpose equipment for the use in veterinary medicine, e.g. trichinoscope.


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